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Alberta Mortgages - Gerry Orr - Mortgage Broker in Saskatoon, Alberta, Canada
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Prairie's BEST Mortgages is very conscious of our collective responsibility to all contribute to a healthier planet. We have invested our resources in advanced telecommunication systems which allow all our mortgage associates to “tele-commute”, providing you with seamless service quite often from their own home offices. We continue to work towards a paperless office environment, employing a fax server and avoiding unnecessary printing where ever possible. This is no small task in a paper driven industry!  We look for marketing and other business partners that share our values.

We think this makes our team more efficient and improves their quality of life, giving them more flexibility to manage their busy schedules with the demands of providing industry leading service to you, our valued clients.

Gerry has even gone so far a buying a Toyota Prius (a Hybrid vehicle that averages 4.2 L/ 100km for fuel efficiency and produces 70% fewer emissions) for his commute to the office, he wants to do his part for the environment, but he also thinks it’s “pretty cool”.

Thanks for choosing us to help you with your mortgage needs, we think by helping to protect our planet we are also helping you to protect your investment.